Social media’s right: The rivers and streams of Elkhart County are quite lovely

Live in Elkhart County for more than a few days and you see that our waterways are drop-dead gorgeous.

Chuck Drake knows this, even though he moved away from Elkhart County years ago. He’s a member of the I Grew Up in Elkhart, IN group on Facebook and shared this memory recently:

Since we have the St. Joe cutting through town offering a sort of majestic beauty and leisure time, I generally took the Elkhart River for granted as I was growing up. Truth is, it’s a pretty cool river in its own right. The river starts from Port Mitchell Lake and Waldron Lake and merges to form the Elkhart River west of Wawaka, Indiana. It flows generally Northwestward through Benton and then turns northward. It then flows through Bainter Town and Waterford Mills into the Goshen Dam Pond. From there it flows northwest through Goshen, Dunlap and Elkhart and, after it’s 50 mile journey, into the St. Joe River at Island Park. The river lends itself perfectly to the kayaking craze and, with plans to remove the dam near downtown, fishing and kayaking can only get even better.

We couldn’t agree more, Chuck. The summer is a great time to go tubing in the creek or for some fishing.

Whatever you do, we encourage you to get out and enjoy the beauty of Elkhart County’s waterways, parks and trails.

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