Elkhart County is vibrant and attractive.

We are known for authenticity, energy and pride.



Vibrant Communities is an initiative to strengthen Elkhart County’s great communities. The movement is guided by three core beliefs:


Economic growth depends on “quality of place.”


Successful places clearly understand who they are and what they offer.


Creativity and collaboration are key to shaping our future.

Economic growth depends on
“quality of place”

Vibrant Communities is a movement focused on the connection between economic vitality and quality of place. We champion initiatives that enhance quality of place and engage residents, businesses and community leaders to celebrate and communicate the attributes that make Elkhart County an exceptional place.

Successful places clearly understand who they are and what they offer

Elkhart County is a community of makers. We are known for being innovative, collaborative and authentic in creating and building our contributions to the world. 

Creativity and collaboration are key to shaping our future

Every person in Elkhart County contributes to our vibrant community, attracting and retaining talent, and sustaining our prosperity and well-being. We contribute to our vibrant community by giving our time and energy to what we are passionate about, by going to a play or concert, by advocating for a park or a school, and by volunteering for community activities.

What We’re Doing

Leadership Team

This group is made up of representatives of our two sponsors, the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau, as well as key stakeholders in the community. It maintains a high-level view of Vibrant Communities activities, providing oversight and guidance to projects and keeping sight of our mission and vision.

Community Champions Roundtable

An informal group made up of community leaders from the municipal, business, schools and education, arts and culture, and parks and recreation realm. They are convened periodically to learn more about key principles of quality of place and placemaking and encouraged to be forceful advocates within their communities.

Project Teams

This is the level where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, and ideas become action. What we mean when we say project team is a group of people who are organized around a particular goal or program. Some project teams were started directly from Vibrant Communities Action Agenda items and some developed organically from someone’s passion.


If any of the project teams get you excited, we know the groups would love the help. Find out more about how to volunteer at their website.

Whatever project ignites your passion, we encourage you to get started. Maybe we can help.

The Vibrant Communities Action Agenda was created through a robust community engagement process that identified and prioritized projects, policies and programs for communities within the county. The action recommendations range from specific, “bricks and mortar” projects, to new or enhanced programs. They include new policies to unlock the potential of the community’s assets and deliver more attractions and amenities. The 77 recommendations emerged from the Community Conversation process conducted in 2016.

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