What’s your little BIG idea?

Elkhart County is loaded with creative, smart, fun and even quirky people who love this place! So whether you are 8 or 88, we challenge you to bring us ideas which delight, inspire, and connect people to our community…  because frankly we are a hotbed of awesomeness and we want to show it!


$1,000 monthly grants!

Psst… we award multiple grants each month.

We are looking for BIG ideas involving:

  • Arts, Culture, Place Making, Community, and Vibrancy
  • Fun, Creative, Inspiring, Viral, and Visible Projects
  • People connecting to People
  • People connecting to Places in Elkhart County

Grants Awarded

Heros of Hope

Christmas at the Powerhouse

Goshen Youth Art Faces

Encuentro in the Alley

Middlebury Pumpkin Races 2017

Goshen Rocks

Ready to apply?

The whole Kit and Caboodle:

  • Apply here anytime (seriously, no deadlines)
  • Applications reviewed monthly or thereabouts
  • Applications reviewed by a really cool team of community volunteers
  • Our people will call your people for the low down
  • Grants UP TO $1,000, but if you need less that’s o.k. too
  • Grants awarded monthly
  • Finalists may be invited to a community pitch night (Yay, public speaking!)
  • Winners will have their projects publicized (this means practice saying cheese!)

Oh, Hey…

Kids, Teenagers, Adolescent Adults and Seasoned Citizens… Be prepared, someone will likely contact you (and/or your guardian) with any additional questions or suggestions. All ideas are given equal and fair consideration but are not a guarantee of funding. BTW… the more specific you are about what you’ll use the money for, the more likely we are to roll out the cash!

Oh, and we think you’re really cool BUT…

We’re not going to just give you $1,000 for a car, vacation, rent payment, home repair or a pony… unless it’s the crucial component of a bigger project that also benefits others. (For example: Can your horse karaoke at a community-wide barbeque)

We’re interested in funding projects or new ventures and not the continuation of an existing organization. If your organization still wants to apply, think of a specific and creative $1,000 project which we might support!

Have questions? Contact us.

Kids and Teens, please be sure to have a parent or guardian send us an email with any questions you may have. We want to be sure they are in the loop, you know, legal reasons and all; the government makes us do it. We will contact you soon and are looking forward to your idea!

Contact Us About The Little Big Grant