By Marshall V. King

Zach Dubois lives in Nashville, but sends regular love letters home.

They’re songs and when he films the videos for some of them, he returns to Elkhart County.

“‘Back Home Again’ was filmed right here and the ‘Work Harder’ video was filmed on a family farm right outside of Goshen and Middlebury and that appeared on CMT,” he said, standing in his grandfather’s wood shop on the north side of Elkhart.

““I always tell people I grew up in the middle of a cornfield on a piece of land that’s been in my family for six generations. This land right here will be where I build my house someday, when I can afford a house,” said the 29-year-old singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Elkhart and has made a living as a musician the last seven years.

Elkhart County is an affordable place to live with idyllic countryside and a knack for making things, he said. He makes music, and though you can’t hold a song in your hand, he shares his love for this part of the world.

“You want to give people something to hold on and be proud of,” he said. “A lot of people have done that with the South and country music and I always thought well I like hearing about things in the Midwest.”

“This land right here will be where I build my house someday, when I can afford a house,,” says Zach Dubois of the Elkhart farmstead on which he grew up. (Photo by Grant Beachy)

He loves how downtowns are rejuvenating in Elkhart County and how it has become an incredible place that supports artists.

“I think it’s just going to continue to be a better and better place to live and raise a family,” he said.

“Elkhart County does a great job of making things. It’s what has built this place,” he said. Now he’s seeing it making itself into something more as a community and he wants to be part of the growth and revitalization.

Marshall V. King is a Goshen-based freelance journalist. He wrote this on behalf of Vibrant Communities.

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