Do you think you’re Elkhart County’s biggest fan?

Do you favor locally owned restaurants and breweries, taking photos of your dinner and posting them on social media? 

When you shop for Christmas gifts, do you buy from local artisans so that your loved ones always have a little heavenly slice of Elkhart County with them?

Does volunteering for a local charity, or reading to kids in the classroom, or donating your time and treasure to help your neighbors make you feel all warm inside?

Being involved in Elkhart County activities makes you a Vibrant Champion

Then you might already be a Vibrant Champion!

But we think you know many other Vibrant Champions.

2020 will be a year in which we want all Vibrant Champions to shout it from the rooftops, to keep on doing what you do, and bringing your friends, neighbors and co-workers along. 

It’s a program in which you pledge to be an engaged resident of Elkhart County and keep on making our hometown a great place to live, work, play and invest.

To help get this program started, we ask you to take a quick survey:

Need more details? See below.

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