The makeover of downtown Elkhart’s River District is continuing over the next several months.

Design concepts for several new public features were unveiled at a November 21 public meeting, and the River District Implementation Team is seeking feedback on the look of the plans.

This drawing shows an overhead view of the town green-style park along Jackson Boulevard near the new Martin’s Super Market. The park would be completed sometime in 2020. (Image Courtesy Insight Strategic Concepts)

Work is expected to start in early 2020 on three of the projects:

  • The town green public park adjacent to the new Martin’s grocery store that is under construction. The park will feature a central water feature, multiple walking paths snaking through the space, and many seating areas in and around the trees and green space. The park will be bounded by Jackson Boulevard, JA Drive and Lexington Avenue, which is being extended from where it ends now.
  • An access point to the Elkhart River at the end of JA Drive that includes seating, landscaping and parking suitable for canoeists and kayakers to use as they access the launch.
  • Removal of the low flow dam on the Elkhart River near East Street. This will enable public access to the river from that point all the way to the St. Joseph River and Island Park.

This drawing shows proposed improvements to the Jackson Boulevard bridge in Elkhart’s River District. (Image Courtesy Insight Strategic Concepts)

Other projects that are in the works are improvements to the Jackson Boulevard bridge that will improve the bridge’s aesthetics and make it a more pleasant walking experience between Main Street and the River District.

Also, the RiverWalk around the Elkhart Health & Aquatics center is constructed and will connect to Lundquist Park off Elkhart Avenue and provide access to the footbridge to Island Park.

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