Nothing says you love where you live that making your neighborhood cleaner, more attractive and doing things with your friends and family. Vibrant Neighborhoods is a chance to get together — either as a formal neighborhood association or smaller group — make plans and execute them and be recognized for your efforts.

Here’s how it works.

You define your neighborhood and its boundaries. You need perhaps 16 households and an agreement to work together. You then commit to three things:

  1. Get to know your neighbors better. You can get everyone together for a meet and greet. Invite elected officials to come and talk with you. Celebrate birthday months. Participate in National Night Out or National Neighborhood day. Anything that makes the people who live near you feel closer.
  2. Make your neighborhood more attractive. You can designate a monthly cleanup day. You can plant a community garden. You can edge the sidewalks or paint the crosswalks. You know what you can and should do, just get together, make your plans and do it.
  3. Have some fun as a neighborhood. Have a cookout or a picnic. Hold a garage sale. Have a talent show or an outdoor movie viewing. Get folks together and have some fun.

There are no limits to what you can do. The possibilities are constrained only by your imagination. In Elkhart County, we are a community of makers. Here’s your chance to make your neighborhood a little more inviting, warmer, friendlier and more fun. In short, make yours a Vibrant Neighborhood.

Start talking to the people who live nearby and get them to join you in making your neighborhood more vibrant.

We will begin taking applications around February 17. After you have registered you will receive more information and access to the Vibrant Neighborhoods support resources.

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