“Our neighborhood has been re-energized with younger families and new babies. This event provided an opportunity for cross-generational fun and relationship building before the start of a busy school year. There are 21 homes in this neighborhood that are connected to Canal Street and the two alleys that intersect Canal Street. Fourteen of the 20 households attended the social. We had wonderful music from neighbors who have bands (The Tumbleweed Jumpers, McLane & Co.) plus folk guitarist Wilma Harter. This neighborhood has a strong musical history!

“We are so grateful to the Vibrant Communities grant for funding this event. It is the first time the neighbors have gathered in this manner in 20 years! When I moved in, there were five matriarchs who had lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years each. I am part of the new generation of matriarchs and the ‘hood is now filled with oodles of children and babies. We love it here!”

Cynthia Murphy of the Canal Street Cul-de-Sac Neighborhood of Goshen received a Vibrant Neighborhoods mini-grant to fund an end-of-summer ice-cream social for her neighborhood. Learn more about the mini-grants here.

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