Elkhart County is vibrant and attractive.

We are known for authenticity, energy and pride.

About Vibrant Communities

The Vibrant Communities movement has brought together residents from all walks of life and leaders from across Elkhart County to unite around advocating for quality-of-place, how it engages people to love where they live, and the community and economic benefits that brings.

Elkhart County prides itself as a community of makers. It’s a vital part of our past, present and future. Whether it’s RVs or musical instruments or boats, motorcycles and vehicle components or hand-made furniture, craft beer or soap and bath products, being creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial is in our DNA.

Vibrant Communities launched in 2016 to inspire residents to advocate for quality of place as a critical component of improving Elkhart County. Discussions organized by Vibrant Communities in community conversations helped create a 77-item Action Agenda of priority projects, programs and policies to improve downtowns, parks and trails, arts and cultural activities, and resident engagement.

By 2019, more than 50 items on the Action Agenda have been completed or started.

Progress is ongoing throughout Elkhart County in the area of arts, youth engagement, neighborhoods and communications.

The momentum created by investments in quality of place are unmistakable. From the Elkhart River District to Goshen Theatre to Wa-Nee Vision 2020 to growth of arts and cultural programs in Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, Bristol to parks and trail development, Elkhart County residents, leaders and investors believe Elkhart County is a place to live, work, play and invest.

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Vibrant Neighborhoods

Nothing says you love where you live that making your neighborhood cleaner, more attractive and doing things with your friends and family. In 2020, we’re organizing to help Elkhart County residents do just that.

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Little Big Idea Grant

From 2017-19, we empowered residents with microgrants to take up fun projects that connected people and got them talking about what a great place this is.

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Vibrant People

In 2019, we celebrated the doers, the energetic and friendly people who make life a little better by doing good deeds behind the scenes.

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Vibrant Communities is an initiative to strengthen Elkhart County’s great communities.
The movement is guided by three core beliefs:


Economic growth depends on “quality of place.”


Successful places clearly understand who they are and what they offer.


Creativity and collaboration are key to shaping our future.

Economic growth depends on
“quality of place”

Vibrant Communities is a movement focused on the connection between economic vitality and quality of place. We champion initiatives that enhance quality of place and engage residents, businesses and community leaders to celebrate and communicate the attributes that make Elkhart County an exceptional place.

Successful places clearly understand who they are and what they offer

Elkhart County is a community of makers. We are known for being innovative, collaborative and authentic in creating and building our contributions to the world. 

Creativity and collaboration are key to shaping our future

Every person in Elkhart County contributes to our vibrant community, attracting and retaining talent, and sustaining our prosperity and well-being. We contribute to our vibrant community by giving our time and energy to what we are passionate about, by going to a play or concert, by advocating for a park or a school, and by volunteering for community activities.