Community Action Agenda

Creating Vibrancy in Elkhart County

Thank you for participating!Vibrant Launch

During the summer of 2022 we heard from residents around the county about the things necessary for a vibrant Elkhart County.

You are invited to take the opportunity to review the county-wide and community-specific final draft actions.

County-Wide Actions

  1. Explore opportunities to support restaurant, retail, and entrepreneurs in underutilized or vacant building spaces.
  2. Connect Wakarusa and Nappanee with a new trail.
  3. Create a support system for neighborhood-scale events that can be carried out as reoccurring activities.
  4. Coordinate with youth organizations to discuss the creation of a youth volunteer challenge.
  5. Develop a gateway and signage program along the toll roads or major highways that enter into the county.
  6. Work with non-profit organizations to help design and install public amenities along the trails.
  7. Create a new signature county-wide event.
  8. Provide support to communities as they create a new signature event in each community.
  9. Create a neighborhood beautification competition.
  10. Develop a campaign that makes residents aware of county-wide and community events.
  11. Create a placemaking toolkit resource for communities.
  12. Create support for volunteer activities across the county.

Community-Specific Actions

Click through the tabs above to find responses from each community.

You can also download a pdf with responses.

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