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– Arvis Dawson and Suzie Weirick,
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What is Vibrant Communities?

Vibrant Communities launched in 2016 to inspire residents to advocate for quality of place as a critical component of improving Elkhart County. Discussions organized by Vibrant Communities in community conversations helped create a 77-item Action Agenda of priority projects, programs and policies to improve downtowns, parks and trails, arts and cultural activities, and resident engagement.

Why do we need this update?

Communities are strongest when they work to meet the needs of their residents, create comfortable and safe communities, and build relationships with the community. The first five years of Vibrant Communities have worked to create a strong community in the County. By 2019, more than 50 items on the Action Agenda have been completed or started. Progress is ongoing throughout Elkhart County in the area of arts, youth engagement, neighborhoods and communications. The Next Chapter will build on that work, create strong communities, and invest in efforts to enhance sense of place and community.

How will this affect me?

As a resident, employee, business owner, or other stakeholder in Elkhart County, you can be affected by this process, and we need your input. Vibrant Communities Next Chapter is looking for input from anyone who is interested in the future vision of Elkhart County. We need your help determining the priorities and policies that will guide future investment and actions.

How can I get involved?

There will be many opportunities to get involved. Involvement from community members like you is essential to the success of Vibrant Communities Next Chapter. The first engagement events will happen in February 2022. Check for more information and details about opportunities to get involved.

How will my input be used?

When you get involved with Vibrant Communities, you are directly contributing to the vision for Elkhart County. Your ideas will serve as the foundation for that vision, contribute to goals, and set the course for policies and actions to implement. All input will be recorded, analyzed, and documented by the planning team.

What is the timeline for completing the Next Chapter Process?

The process is launching in Fall 2021 and will wrap up in late Summer 2022.