The Next Chapter

Building on our Collective Successes

Vibrant Communities of Elkhart County

Vibrant Communities has transformed Elkhart County in its first five years. What’s next is a renewed approach building on our successes.

We want to be inclusive, lift up our friends, neighbors, and organizations, to drive home how quality of place makes us all healthier, more resilient, and wealthier – individually and collectively.

We’ve inspired people to love Elkhart County and to collaborate to make our community more vibrant. Our community of makers in Elkhart County will spark the next phase of transformational actions by working together and sharing our vision for our future.

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Stay tuned for details as we begin
The Next Chapter

What’s Next?

The Next Chapter will be supported by two groups of community members working closely with staff, a planning consultant team, and other community members to bring insight and perspective.

Steering Committee
Process leaders and principal representatives of the process.

Outreach Team
Focused on word-of-mouth marketing and promotion of public engagement opportunities.

No matter where you are in Elkhart County’s life,
we want you to be involved.

This only works when we get a wide – we mean WIDE – buy-in. No one gets left behind. And we’re going to have an awesome next few years, and beyond!

Join us!

– Arvis Dawson and Suzie Weirick,
co-chairs, Vibrant Communities

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