Kim Clarke

Kim Clarke


It would not be unusual for Kim Clarke’s husband, Jim to walk in the door, take a quick look around and ask, “Now what are you doing?”  That’s because Jim is used to seeing this no-nonsense go getter taking on projects, pushing new ideas and making things happen.

Kim Clarke is retired, but there is no stopping her.  With a keen interest in nurturing and sharing Middlebury’s “genuine small-town community,” Kim is active in Middlebury Then and Now.  This volunteer run organization is committed to creating new and exciting fun, free, family-orienteed events in and around Middlebury.  Kim’s friend, Darla Kauffman says about her, “Her tenacious spirit is helping to keep Middlebury alive and bright!” Kim is personally invested in each and every event and spends a great deal of time driving the team to make each one a success.

Kim and Jim have been married for 34 years.  They raised their two sons in the area, but now have to travel to Indianapolis and Southern California to see them.  That’s not a problem, however, because the Clarke’s love to travel.  “We have been most everywhere in the world,” she tells us. “We’ve been travelling since the boys were little.”

If she had her way, Kim would be paid to hit the road as a travel writer and critic.  She would be content going anywhere her magic carpet might take her.  “I love immersing myself in other cultures and learning about them,” she says.  She especially likes taking local tours of the areas she and Jim visit and bring useful ideas back to try in the local community. Up next?  A trip to Australia and New Zealand is in the works.  She can’t be gone for too long though.  Her gardens need her.

“I really enjoy being outdoors and digging in the dirt,” Kim says.  She has passion for gardening and maintains acres of manicured perennials.

Whether it is cultivating flowers or a stronger sense of community, Kim Clark is ready to dig in.