Israel Vargas

Israel Vargas


Israel Vargas is today’s Vibrant Person!

There is no chance Israel Vargas is going to have cobwebs grow on him. He is a young man with things to do. “I don’t have a lot of free time,” he says. “I am young, energetic. I feel I can just go.”

Israel is manager of the Sprint store in Elkhart. He has been in sales and management there for six years. Israel’s friend and co-worker, Jennifer Estrada, says, “Customers come in and ask for him all the time. Anyone who comes in the store is greeted by the most vibrant smile. He is known for making his customers super happy with his service.”

You can tell Israel enjoys people and dealing with customers. When not at the Sprint store, you will likely find him helping at his family’s restaurant and market in Plymouth. Mila Mini Market was started by his parents, Mar Vargas and Celia Barron in 2010. It is the source of great satisfaction. The pride is especially evident when Israel points out that the restaurant was the winner of the Indiana’s Cool North Taco Wars in 2017.

Israel’s family moved to Indiana from Southern California. He was in sixth grade at the time and Israel described it as a very big change. For many Hispanics in the Santa Ana area, English is rarely heard. It wasn’t until he went to school in Indiana that Israel learned to speak English. You wouldn’t know it today.

In those rare times when Israel is not helping others at the store or market you can find him at the gym or watching sports on TV. He likes basketball, but really enjoys college football. He calls the Crimson Tide of Alabama his “go-to team.”

In addition to mother and father, Israel has two sisters, Itania and Evelyn (shown with him in the picture). On Valentines Day this year, the family added another person. That’s when Itania delivered Israel’s new nephew. Oliver Julian was born on February 14. Israel thinks that’s the really exciting news.