Adam Bujalski

Adam Bujalski

Adam Bujalski • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Adam Bujalski gets around. His involvement in politics, schools, youth athletics and the Knights of Columbus keep him on the go. He has been an elected official, volunteer, coach, scout leader and the leader of several projects and programs.

People tell us that Adam’s “huge heart is for giving.” They say he would give you the shirt of his back if it kept you warm and dry. He is there to help those who need it. Adam has never been hesitant to get involved. He will speak his mind and he stands behind his values.

One thing Adam cherishes is his family. He is a loving husband and dad. Adam is quick to credit his wife, Reana for her support. She, in turn, admires his devotion and faith, even when the family had some very difficult times.

What some might not know is that Adam is a very good singer. He was a member of his high school show choir. While he is not part of a musical group today, he does love to attend concerts and watch others perform. He also golfs and bowls and volunteers his time and talents.

Adam was raised in Michigan. He came to Indiana when he started college. While there, he became interested in finance and banking. It led to a successful and rewarding career thus far. Adam was recently promoted to Business Lender at Interra Credit Union.

Congratulations, Adam. Good stuff.