Adler Carris

Adler Carris

Adler Carris • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

We want to tell you about a very Vibrant Kiddo – Adler Carris!!!!!


Our latest Vibrant Person is a warrior. Ten-year-old Adler Bear Carris has been fighting brain cancer since he was four. He is also facing a couple of other life-threatening conditions. The battles have been tough, but Adler continues to prevail and he does so with incredibly good humor. This youngster is awe-inspiring!

Pain seems to be a constant, but that hardly keeps him down. He has endured IV treatments and physical therapy and more than you can imagine. And yet, he smiles. A lot. Adler has a very expressive face. It is telling. He knows things and, if you are lucky, he will let you in on it.

Adler is currently undergoing another round of chemotherapy. He is being treated at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. The people there are doing all they can to help this kid deal with his condition and all the complications that go with it.

“That kid is a rainbow,” Adler’s mother, Elizabeth tells us. She explains how much he has endured and yet continues to love and laugh and live life to the max. Adler’s father, Aaron surely agrees.

Friends of the family are amazed at Adler’s endurance. They tell us about his great sense of humor and that a career in comedy would not be surprising. They point to the pictures of the family wearing their matching T-shirts that feature a very strong anti-cancer message.

We wish the best to Adler and his family. Stay strong, kiddo, and keep smiling.