Adrian Riley

Adrian Riley


Sometimes a man just knows when it’s time to grow up.  Adrian Riley talks candidly about his younger days when he was “a crazy guy doing outlandish things.”  He did not take pride in doing things that were hurtful and damaging to the community.  He had made a vow to himself, however.  He promised himself he would never have a son or daughter who did not have a father.  “You cannot raise a child from jail,” he said.

When his first child was born, Adrian started to turn things around.  Married for 19 years to his wife Shawanie, Adrian is father to three children ages 24, 19 and 13.

After serving in the Sheriff’s Department as a Program Director, Adrian is now a Personal Development Coach at Lippert.  “I am doing the same thing,” he says with a laugh, “except these folks aren’t in jail.”

Adrian takes joy in his faith and feels a calling to help others.  On Sunday’s, he leads a men’s group that helps those who have been in jail or need a helping hand.  They spend the afternoon on self-development, anger management and Bible study.  It is an awesome and much needed thing to do.

To say Adrian is a fitness nut is a classic understatement.  He exercises twice each day including a 4:00 a.m. workout session.  He also exercises his creative side through things like painting and candle making.

Adrian new when it was time for him to take responsibility.  He now devotes his time and energy to helping others do the same.