Adrienne Nesbitt

Adrienne Nesbitt

Adrienne Nesbitt • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Today’s Vibrant Person is Adrienne Nesbitt!

“I tend to sound like a sales pitch for Goshen,” Adrienne Nesbitt says with an abundance of enthusiasm. Adrienne lives in downtown Goshen, works downtown and is a driving force behind many of Goshen’s popular events. She is a multi-dimensional livewire who has an abundance of neat ideas and the wherewithal to make them happen.

Goshen’s First Fridays has become a local institution. Adrienne is that monthly event’s point person. She is also responsible for much of the logistical work for the River Bend Film Festival which will run for the third time in Goshen this May. Adrienne keeps everything organized for the 80 or so business owners who are part of Downtown Goshen Inc. All this is a challenge and Adrienne makes it look easy. We know it’s certainly not.

Admitting she is Goshen through and through is something Adrienne proudly. In a twist on “It takes a village…,” Adrienne likes to claim: “Goshen raised me.” Her parents are still in Goshen as are her four brothers and their families. Adrienne’s 11 nieces and nephews are also part of the pack.

A classically trained singer who has a love of jazz, Adrienne has performed solo and with small groups. She is part of Notable Women, a choir centered in Goshen. Adrienne appreciates theatre as well and has been known to appear on local stages.
It is so easy to see that Adrienne loves where she lives. She is a vocal supporter of her hometown. Is she biased? You bet she is. Wouldn’t you be highly partial to the place that raised you?

NOTE: Adrienne works for Eyedart Creative Studio where she was recently promoted to Director of Events. In the spirit of full disclosure, Eyedart provides professional services to the Vibrant Communities Movement.