Alex Bicknell

Alex Bicknell

Alex Bicknell • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

We are capping off the weekend with another very Vibrant Person, Alex Bicknell!!!


Alex Bicknell has a lot of things going on. He is a Leadership Coach at Heartland RV. He is developing talent, providing support and help build a positive and productive organizational culture. As part of that, he is intimately involved in helping the company give back to the community. Heartland team members built a wheelchair ramp for a family, did landscape work at NIBCO park and hosted a Memorial High School teacher for a week-long externship.

Alex is also very much involved with the curriculum redesign for the high school in Elkhart. When implemented, that project should have a profound impact on students in Elkhart Community Schools.

Alex is still a student himself. He is currently finishing his degree at IUSB. He is also learning a ton as he throws himself into community projects and programs.

Raised in Elkhart, Alex loves living here and being involved. He has become very active in making our county a more attractive place to live, work, learn and play. He is a fine example of pride, commitment, and diversity in our community.