Allen Brenneman

Allen Brenneman


He is a poet and a sculptor.  He is an award winning photographer.  He is a traveler and explorer.  He loves music.  He holds a master’s degree in religious studies.  He is also a research engineer who has been awarded 34 patents for medical devices.  You might think he is that guy on the Dos Equiis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials, but he is Allen Brenneman of Goshen.

Needless to say, Allen has a wide range of interests and he pursues them with gusto.  He has that unusual ability to find a balance between the rational and the imaginative, the mechanical and the fluid. Despite his technical background, his art is hardly industrial. In his sculptures of steel, copper and stone you will see the influence of the primitive art of the American Southwest.  His photography may feature landscapes, old buildings or vintage vehicles.  His poems are often about people and moments and are written with both heart and humor.

Allen enjoys hitting the road and heading west at least once a year.  He is also content to have a good cup of coffee and a little conversation right here at home.

Allen and his wife Sheryl are active supporters of Mosaic Health Services in Goshen.  They have sponsored an annual fundraiser last year and one coming up on February 2.