Amanda Gobble

Amanda Gobble

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What do you when you need a creative outlet, have an entrepreneurial spirit and love a building in Goshen? If you’re Amanda Gobble, you open Pop-up Handicrafts and grow it from a short term, seasonal venture into a thriving and expanding business. The shop, which is located on the Chicago Avenue side of the Old Bag Factory, features items made locally.

When it comes to making things, Amanda does not have a specialty. Rather, she will see if an idea comes to her and if she can pull it off. Whether it’s embroidery or cross-stitch or working with wood, she will give it a try. It’s often quite successful.
Pop-up Handicrafts is a comfortable place for browsing and buying. You never know what you might find there. Amanda enjoys meeting the customers and representing a talented roster of makers.

Amanda says she offers a valuable service for the area’s maker community. It helps the local economy and it supports homegrown talent. She presently has a waiting list of prospective vendors.

The Old Bag Factory has always interested Amanda. Since locating her business there, she has been discovering bits and pieces of the building’s history. She is saving what she finds and is confident there will be a use for what she has found.
Amanda’s husband, Josh has his business, Dynamic Audio Design, at the Old Bag Factory as well. Together, the Gobbles and their four daughters tend the Quilt Garden. “It’s a family project,” Amanda says.

With the popularity of handcrafted items, Amanda plans to showcase an even broader group of makers. On November 16 of this year, she will host “Merry and Bright.” It will be “an even bigger and better” event to show off locally made items. We know that’s quite a way off, but mark the date.

In the meantime, stop into the Old Bag Factory. Look around. Say hello to Amanda and be sure to ask about the chickens.