Amanda Irons

Amanda Irons

Amanda Irons • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Wednesday’s Vibrant Person is Amanda Irons!!!


Amanda Irons is looking forward to summer. She is also going to miss going to school each day. Amanda teaches fifth grade at Hawthorne Elementary in Elkhart.

After several years at the Bashor Home, this has been Amanda’s first year at Hawthorne. She says it has had a really good year. She says her fifth graders have been pretty remarkable. “I will be so sad to see my students go,” she says.

Like many educators, teaching consumes most of Amanda’s time during the school year. She says that from August through early June, she spends the bulk of her time planning, preparing, spending hours in the classroom and doing all the other things that make each day of the week a good one for her students. Amanda says, “To see them happy is so rewarding.”

For the next few months, Amanda will be able to kick back, recover and recharge for next year. Her main aim is to “just have a summer.” She plans to hit the beach, swim, kayak and spend some time with her two young nephews.

Amanda grew up in Elkhart. She studied at Ball State (“Go Cardinals!” she quickly adds). She came back to this area and has settled in nicely.

We are blessed to have so many Vibrant Educators in Elkhart County. We are pleased to honor Amanda and those like her.

Enjoy your summer, Amanda. The start of the new school year will be here in a flash. We know you’ll be refreshed and ready to go.