Amber Hart

Amber Hart

Amber Hart • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

It’s Friday and today’s Vibrant Person is Amber Hart!!!


It sounds a little smarmy unless it is being sung by Barbara Streisand, but “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” And, Amber Hart is one of the most fortunate folks in Elkhart County. She may be the people-est person around.

Amber is one of the forces behind Bacon Hill Kitchen and Pub, a place that has very good food and an even better vibe. Zach Luchesse, Amber’s partner (in so many ways) handles the kitchen and Amber meets, greets, serves and makes sure everyone leaves a little fuller and a lot happier.

Making people smile is one of Amber’s delights. She loves serving people at the restaurant. Watching them having a good time is fulfilling.

Amber knows how to take care of people. She understands things do not always go perfectly as she makes sure to get things right. She also appreciates that important difference between someone who is angry and one who is “hangry.” “We are pretty tolerant with hangry,” she says with a laugh.

Amber has been involved with restaurant life for most of her life. She started young and has made sure to learn something valuable each step of the way.

“We cook a lot,” Amber tells us. The home she and Zach and their blended family shares is within sight of the restaurant. It is often filled with good smells from the kitchen and the noise of family and friends visiting.

Amber is proud of her “strong girl crew,” a bunch of friends who occasionally get out on the town for a concert or a show. She is a big fan of live music and enjoys the festival scene. She loves to travel and one of her dream trips is downright awesome. She wants to get a roadworthy smoker and follow the music, joining in the festive mood and making great grub.

Family, friends and food. That could pretty well sum up what your need to know about Amber. Oh, you have to add “fun.” You most definitely have to add fun.