Amy Sheley

Amy Sheley

Amy Sheley • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Amy Sheley!!


Amy Sheley is one of the friendliest people around. There is an energy about her that is kinetic. She pulses good vibes and positive feelings.

Amy has an eye for style and likes helping others look good. Her business, Miss Chic, offers cool looking clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. She started the business in 2010. Since then, she has developed a base of loyal customers who like what she has to offer and the service she provides.

Miss Chic can be found online and seasonally at Shipshewana. This summer, Shipshewana may be a little hit and miss. Amy has another venture on her mind.

Amy is expecting her first child and her due date is in October. She sounds super excited about the prospect of having a junior partner.

Her friends tell us that Amy is kind, welcoming and just fantastic to have around. Even at the gym, she has a positive impact and motivates those working out near her.

Suzie Weirick, one of the Vibrant Communities’ Co-Chairpersons says this about Amy: “She knows my name, but she doesn’t really know me. I watch as she chats with others at the gym. I think she makes Elkhart County great, because, even on her worse day, she has the best smile for everyone who crosses her path.”

We think you do not have to know Amy well at all to know she is one of our county’s Vibrant People. She is that kind of person.