Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Some will ask, “Why am I here?” Others just know that they are where it was meant to be. This is the case of Andrew Hall, Proprietor, Manager and Chief Cook and Bottlewasher of the Black Crow Café in downtown Elkhart. Nestled in the back of the Black Crow Market on Main Street, the café is a quiet, comfy and cozy place for a coffee or tea or a bite to eat.

“I’m supposed to be doing this,” Andrew says. “You just never know.” For ten years, Andrew was a pharmacy technician. He had developed some health issues and the treatments were not working as expected. Three years ago, Andrew reads about vegan diets and gave it a try. “I changed my diet; I changed my thinking; I changed my condition,” he says.

Andrew saw the space at Black Crow was open. The thought of opening a vegan restaurant entered his head and never left. Andrew says: “I thought it would be a nice place to do something with.” And, he’s done it.

Black Crow Café is one of the few vegan restaurants in Elkhart County. Andrew does all the cooking and baking. He is developing a menu that is tasty, healthy and appreciated. He is developing a base of loyal customers and he likes that. “Really cool, chill people are my regulars,” he tells us.

Andrew is a kind and friendly man. He is willing to try things. He will find something he thinks he might like, fine tune it and then see what happens. “There has been lots of trial and error,” he says. He is grateful when others like what he does.

It might be nice to expand someday, for now Andrew is happy that people are finding out about the café, stopping in and leaving filled and content. For now, Andrew and his café are in the right place at the right time – just as it should be.