Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Andy Jones • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for today is Andy Jones!

Andy Jones is a man on a mission. He wants to see every building and store-front in downtown Elkhart filled with prosperous businesses. He hopes to see people on the sidewalks, eating in a variety of local restaurants and, perhaps, enjoying a libation or two.

Andy knows that it will not be easy, but he genuinely cares about the businesses and people of Elkhart. He is a vocal advocate for doing business in Elkhart’s city center. He goes out of his way to connect with those who work downtown. He strives to make connections and establish connections with those who want to make things happen.

Andy is an optimistic guy. He smiles easily and often. He will gladly tell you about the virtues of downtown Elkhart. He will also talk at length about the prospects for the future.

Business owners on Main Street know Andy is on their side. It was several who nominated him as one of Elkhart County’s vibrant people.