Annette Webb

Annette Webb


 You will usually see Annette Webb of Goshen wearing a hat.  “I wear one about 99% of the time,” she says.  “I think the hat just fits my lifestyle.”  She adds, “To be honest, I just don’t like doing my hair.”   With hat or without, Annette looks perfect as one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People.

Annette sees herself as open book.  She is vivacious and a delight to talk to.  She has many interests and passions and takes to them all with great spirit.  As her friend, Jamison Czarnecki says, “She is one of those people who beam with joy that brightens up your day when you see her.”

Annette grew up in Elkhart County.  She remembers how things looked when she was a kid and the way things are today.  It concerns her.  You see, Annette is a dedicated advocate for the environment.  As a Master Naturalist she is concerned about the proliferation of plants that are not native to the area that are adversely affecting the plants that are native.  She calls them “nasty species” and she will rattle off a list of flowers and shrubs that are quite commonplace.  Ones she believes are not good.

Another of Annette’s interests has gone from a hobby to a business venture.  Her company RAW Sustainable Living produces and sells the worm castings.  “I tried it with my plants, and it made me feel like I was a better gardener,” she claims. “It’s such awesome stuff.”  Annette says she really loves talking about her product, how it works and what it can do.  “There is a whole universe under our feet,” she says.  “We shouldn’t take it for granted.”

“Upcycling” is one of Annette’s hobbies.  She takes something old and reconfigures it into something new and different.  Annette explains how she took the old claw foot bathtub from the farmhouse she grew up in, covered it artistically with tiles and now has a very cool looking bed for her garden.

When she is not upcycling, you might find Annette reselling.  She is a volunteer at the Elkhart County Humane Society’s Red Barn Resale.  She is also one of the volunteer mentors for the Boys and Girl Club.