Anthony Hunt

Anthony Hunt

Anthony Hunt • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Anthony Hunt is today’s Vibrant person!

It is widely known that seeing a robin is the first sign of spring. This being Elkhart County, however, robins can be spotted in February right before a heavy snowfall or stay warm and comfy until later in April. For many around here, a more reliable indication that spring is upon us is hearing the voice of Anthony Hunt during WVPE’s March pledge drive.

Anthony is the Station Manager at WVPE, the area’s National Public Radio affiliate. Like many in broadcasting, Anthony has moved around. He has worked in Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota and Maryland before settling in Indiana. Elkhart is now home for Anthony, his wife Carolyn and their four boys.

Anthony believes in building communities, be it listeners, supporters or neighborhoods. He is an advocate of a vibrant Elkhart County and is enthusiastically involved with several not-for-profit organizations.

Thoughtful and articulate, Anthony is a well-versed conversationalist. He has many interests and will talk with you about everything from art and architecture to geopolitics and technology. He has opinions too. Just ask him.

No robins in sight just yet, but Anthony is on the air. Springtime and warmer weather are not far off.