Bailey Shay

Bailey Shay

Bailey Shay • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Friday’s Vibrant Person is Bailey Shay!!!


We had the chance to meet Bailey Shay as she was serving our meal at the delightful new place to drink and dine in Nappanee. Ruhe 152 is off to a great start. You should go. You should also ask for Bailey. She made our visit even better.

But enough about Ruhe 152. Let’s talk about Bailey.

Bailey grew up in Wakarusa. She went to Northwood high school and then down to IU Bloomington. After a year of study in Milan, Italy, she finished her degree work at IUSB.

Bailey graduated with a distinct combination of fields of study: Sustainability and Leadership Management. Before you start going “That’s so Millennial”, get this: She went on to earn her real estate license. This young woman has ambitions.

And, she is not afraid to put in the effort. In addition to being a server at Ruhe, Bailey works at Cook’s Pizza. She has also started her real estate career at Snyder Strategy. Bailey says she really loves what she is doing. She tells us she is learning and being mentored.

When not working, Bailey enjoys reading and drawing. She has a boyfriend in Chicago and a whole bunch of cousins who are really close. Bailey also likes to hang with Calvin, her eight year old Goldendoodle.

Bailey likes being from Elkhart County. She hopes we are “somehow able to draw more people to the area and really thrive.” She just doesn’t want to see another year like 2008 again. She is in very good company in that regard.