Bart Fore

Bart Fore

Bart Fore • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Bart Fore is today’s Vibrant person!

He might not tell you this, but Bart Fore plays the long game. In 2012, Bart and his wife Debbi purchased a home that was built in 1960. It needed some work, so Bart did what Bart does well and, step-by-step, he is making the house just right for the Fore family. He has re-done floors and cabinets, changed lighting fixtures, painted, polished and landscaped. Debbi says, “He would have been an excellent handyman as an alternative career.”

Bart also repairs antique lamps. It is a hobby that was passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to Bart. He can make a repair or completely rebuild a lamp. Over time. he has worked on about every kind of lamp you could imagine.

Bart is a Regional Business Consultant for Work One. He and his team provide some worthwhile services in Elkhart County. They help individuals with their careers and companies find people with the talent they need. They are a combination of scouts, coaches, cheerleaders, boosters and assistants.

Bart and Debbi are members of the Granger Community Church in Elkhart. The volunteer as members of the Welcome staff and participate in Bible study programs.

Not just for Bart’s sake, but for all of us, let’s hope March actually does go out like a lamb. That’s because when the weather is nice, Bart likes to get out and play a little golf. You can be sure this handyman will always repair his divots.

NOTE: Shortly after we talked to Bart, he sent us an email. It said: “I had one more thing to add….. I love spending time with my beautiful wife! She’s my best friend and partner in crime.” We think Debbi feels the same, Bart. It was she who nominated you.