Ben Decker

Ben Decker

Ben Decker • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Ben Decker is Sunday’s Vibrant Person!!!


We gave Ben Decker a week to catch his breath and reflect on another great weekend in downtown Elkhart. It was only seven days ago that Ben knew the end of another terrific Elkhart Jazz Festival was in sight. The 18 hour days, at least for that project, were in the rearview mirror. Ben could sit back and relax.

Nah! Ben has a wonderfully supportive wife, Sara who maybe wanted a little attention. There are also two rambunctious kids named Gavin and Eli who might need some time with Dad. And that stack of things to do at work was not going to shrink on its own. Ben may have gotten a little bit of down time, but he was right back at it earlier this week.

Ben has long been one of those folks who helps make things happen. He is hard working, but seems to take everything thrown his way with a smile. (Hey, listen, crying is not an option.)

The man is one of Elkhart’s go-to guys to get things done. He is President of Elkhart Festivals, Inc. There is the Jazz Festival, of course. There is also Bike Night, some event with cool cars and lots more in Downtown Elkhart.

Ben is certainly not a one man band. On the work front, he leads a capable bunch at KemKrest. As part of Elkhart Festivals, there are several people who keep things running smoothly. At home, we are guessing, Sara keeps the tent over the family circus.

It’s his ability work with all sorts of people that make Ben such a gem. That he is willing to give something his all has been noticed and appreciated.

Ben is young. It doesn’t take much to recharge his batteries. Good thing, that is. The next event is coming up soon.