Bob Girard

Bob Girard


As he tells it, Bob Girard has a passion for service to the community. “It is part of my personal faith,” he says.  Bob’s faith runs deep and it has guided him to be involved in a number of organizations including CAPS, JDRF, Ryan’s Place and Rotary.  When nominating him, Burne Miller said, Bob “does so many things. And all with a spirit of giving and helping and does not complain, criticize, judge or condescend.

Bob believes strongly in being involved in the community.  “It is a responsibility everyone should have,” he says. “We should all give at least as much as we get.”

Even his job is community oriented.  Bob is the Director of Court Services for Elkhart County.

No one would think to call Bob loud or boisterous.  He is modest, yet he projects a confidence in what he believes and does.  He is upbeat and chooses to look for the best.

Singing is one of Bob’s special talents.  He has been a long-time member of the Men’s Quartet at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Bob also enjoys the outdoors, taking hikes and viewing wildlife.  He also chases that little white ball on the golf course.

Bob and his wife Kathy live in Elkhart.