Bonnie Raine

Bonnie Raine

Bonnie Raine • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

You do not need to know Bonnie Raine very long to realize that she has a heart of gold, a passion for doing good things and a genuine love for her community. She has been a positive force in this area and the impact of her work ripples throughout Elkhart County.

Dr. Raines is a long-time advocate for those with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. Her deep faith and love for people have been powerful guideposts in her work and her life. On a daily basis, she strives to make Elkhart County more welcoming and inclusive.

Bonnie came to the Midwest from California. She studied at the University of Notre Dame and settled into life in the Hoosier State.

Bonnie has played a pivotal role in group that brings together multiple agencies to address the challenges of mental illness called “The Source.” The group strives to bring resources for early detection and treatment for mental health problems. “We know when we intervene early, the children don’t need as many services. The services don’t need to be as intense and generally don’t last as long,” says Bonnie.

We salute Bonnie and thank her for making this a better, mentally healthier place for all of us.