Carl Stutsman

Carl Stutsman

Carl Stutsman • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Carl Stutsman is all about Elkhart County. As the morning guy on Froggy 102.7, he has plenty of opportunity to sing its praises. He does that daily. He is passionate about Elkhart County.

Carl cares about the place both he and his wife, Paige were raised. Elkhart County is where the Stutsman’s plan to bring up their little girl, Sawyer. Carl brags about being the fourth generation of his family to graduate from Concord High School. He says confidently that Sawyer will one day be a Concord grad too.

The Elkhart County Humane Society nominated Carl. They appreciate the way he promotes their organization as well as other agencies in the community. Janet Graham is the Humane Society’s Volunteer Coordinator. She says, “Carl is such a gem for our community.” Janet adds that Carl is a tireless advocate for Elkhart County.

On the station’s website, Carl describes some of the things that he enjoys about Elkhart County. He includes fishing at Ox Bow Park, golfing at Black Squirrel or Old Orchard or “soaking my feet at Bonneyville Mill.” He adds, “Elkhart County is where I want to be, and I am so happy to contribute what I can to the community.”

“It doesn’t take long for anyone to realize how much Carl loves Elkhart County,” said Terry Mark of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, who has worked with Carl on promoting the Vibrant Communities movement. “Carl believes in Elkhart County and truly wants to see everyone succeed here.”

Carl is a very friendly person. He is definitely approachable, except, possibly on Sunday afternoons in the fall. That’s when the Chicago Bears usually play. He is an avid Bears fanatic and watching his favorite team is a top priority.

If our calculations are correct, we figure today is the 102nd day of 2019. What better day to recognize the man who is the voice of that place on the FM dial? With that in mind, we declare today Carl Stutsman Day to honor the Vibrant Voice of Elkhart County.