Carla Biro

Carla Biro

Carla Biro • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Carla Biro!!!


It takes motivation, determination, resilience and, some will tell you, a sense of humor to rise up from a tough childhood and become someone who plays an important role in her community. In Elkhart County, we have someone like that. Her name is Carla Biro and she is more than a little bit awesome.

Carla is the Director of Gr8t Beginnings, a county wide Early Childhood Coalition. Gr8t Beginnings is helping make sure children have the experiences, the environments, and the support systems they need to learn and play and grow. It is an investment in the future of Elkhart County.

Carla talks with passion about her work and the importance of providing children the chance to flourish. That she did not have that support when she was younger seems to have ignited that fire within her.

Carla graduated from college and went into teaching. She returned to school to get a master’s degree. She has since taught and mentored those who have entered the education profession. Although she is no longer in the classroom, she continues to help others learn and grow.

Bridging cultural gaps matters much to Carla. She strives to bring people together and help facilitate meaningful dialogues that often lead to bigger things. She has addressed organizations locally and throughout the country.

We were told Carla is a competitive runner. When we asked her about it, she laughed out loud.
“I am not a runner,” she says with a smile. “I would describe myself as one who is jogging slowly for cute medals and t-shirts.” Carla likes to make people laugh.

Laughter probably helps in the Biro household. Carla and her husband, Mike have a blended family. There are six children. The first five are boys. Number six is the baby girl of the family.

We are sure the Biro kids get ample support to grow and become engaged citizens and Vibrant People, just like their mom.