Carla Riley

Carla Riley

Carla Riley • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Carla Riley is sorting through what to do next. What that may be has to capture her imagination, be where she can use her talents and make a difference. She did that at Ruthmere Mansion for 13 years. Now, it is time for something new.

Until the right opportunity presents itself, Carla has a few things to keep her busy. There is a little landscaping she has in mind, a summer season that needs her volunteer services and there is that new grandchild.

That is the twelfth grandchild for Carla that is part of her combined family. Ten live in the area and that keeps things interesting. Also of interest for Carla, this spring is the chance to spend some serious time in her yard and garden.

Carla has an eye for planning an attractive outdoor environment and the ability to bring things together. She is happy to have the time this year to pay attention to her yard and garden.

Carla is already thinking about tomatoes. “They are going to be great this year,” she tells us. Like a lot of us, Carla has a real love for that juicy deliciousness that will be available in a few short months.

As with many of our communities’ Vibrant People, Carla is an active volunteer. Park clean-ups, parades, community events have all benefited from Carla’s service. We are thankful for that and are looking forward to learning what Carla will do next.