Carla Warren

Carla Warren

Carla Warren • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today we are recognizing Carla Warren!!!


On a quiet day, a junior high school is only a little bit hectic. When things get going, it’s a madhouse. That’s one reason why a school secretary can be worth her weight in gold. Carla Warren of Concord Junior High School is one of those people. She brings order to the chaotic and helps things run smoothly.

Assistant Principal, Chris Baldridge tells us, “Carla has such a commitment to her work. She does anything she is asked to do with a smile and amazing efficiency.” Carla is seen as highly organized, super-efficient and always helping.

Teachers, students, administrators and parents ask a lot of Carla. She is responsive and happy to help.

Carla and her family have been involved with Concord schools for years. She says, “I love my job. I hope that when people are at Concord Junior High they know that they matter and leave feeling that way.”

School secretaries are often unsung heroes. We salute Carla for an outstanding job and for being our Vibrant Person today.