Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

We are lagging a little behind. Maybe we’ve been too busy at the Fair or walking around the new Elkhart Fitness and Aquatic Center. No, matter. We’ve got several really Vibrant People to share with you, just like Carol Robinson!!!


Carol Robinson may be officially retired, but she has hardly slowed down. Carol was a long-time teacher in the Concord School System. She still subs on occasion.

Carol came to the area about 30 years ago. This is home now. There is no doubt about that.

She has family: two grown children and two grandchildren. She goes to school activities, sporting events and, as she says, “anywhere else a grandmother needs to be.”

There also another family. That is the group of friends that have become like family. “They are very good friends,” Carol tells us. “We try and take care of each other.” They do the things for and with each other that family members do.

Eric Free says about her, “Carol seems to me to be the epitome of a Vibrant Person. Her energies and loyalty to her.” She is kind, sincere and hard working.

Carol is very active with the Dunlap Methodist Church. She serves in the church’s administration and is always lending a hand. “Whatever needs to be done,” she tells us.

Some think Carol has more get-up-and-go than the Energizer Bunny. We think Carol believes there are things that need doing and she is going to get ‘em done.