Carrie Beachey

Carrie Beachey

Carrie Beachey • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our latest Vibrant Person is Carrie Beachey.


We tracked down Carrie Beachey at the site of the mural she is working on in Middlebury. Like any piece of large public art, this project has its challenges. It’s so big a boom lift was needed. The weather has certainly been no help. But Carrie remains inspired and optimistic. The mural will be completed soon and it will be another artistic contribution Carrie has made the place where she loves to live.

Some may think paint flows through Carrie’s veins. There is no denying that the arts play a huge role in her life. She has been making art since she could first hold a pencil. As she tells it, Carrie has been developing her artistic talents “from the time I learned to tie my shoes and write my name.”

Carrie’s father is an artist and he has always been supportive of his daughter’s desire to draw and paint. Most recently, he has been lending a hand on the mural. When she was younger, Carrie’s parents took her to art classes in South Bend as there was no program at the school she attended.

Carrie is now helping others learn to express themselves through art. She teaches classes at the local Boys and Girls Club. She likes that the classes are accessible and affordable for the kids.

Carrie especially likes working with teenagers. “They often have a message, something to say,” she tells us. “But they need the means to communicate it.” Carrie enjoys encouraging them and helping them find their artistic voice.

Carrie was born and raised in Elkhart, but Middlebury has been home for 15 years. She and her husband, Phil have put down roots and are raising their two teenagers, Nona, and Jacob there.

Because the Beachey’s plan on sticking around for the long term, they are willing to invest their time and energy to the community. They look forward to seeing a payback in the future.

We appreciate Carrie’s interest in art that can be seen by all. “Public art,” she says, “has the loudest voice.”