Carrie Lee Bland-Kendall

Carrie Lee Bland-Kendall


 David Kendall says about his wife Carrie Lee,  “She is a professional singer, actor and producer. She could literally live anywhere, but chooses Goshen and Elkhart County.”  Jordan Hodges says Carrie Lee Bland Kendall “lights up everything and everyone around her in all she does.”  Dr. Gino DeLuca adds, “everything with which she involves herself is enhanced and becomes more evolved.”

An actor, producer, casting director, event planner and more, Carrie Lee tackles projects with energy and drive.  She works from her home in Goshen on various film, television, and other entertainment projects.  She is involved with the River Bend Film Festival, Goshen’s Mayoral Arts Council and more. She brings a lot of creativity, enthusiasm and passion to everything she does.

Carrie Lee has and abundance of artistic talent, compassion and patience.  She has great organizational skills which she loves to use on community initiatives.  She is admired, appreciated and has been acknowledged as “a real game changer.” She is committed to the place where she lives and always gives 100%.

Friends say Carrie Lee is “a perfect mother and wife to her family.”  Husband David says about Carrie Lee being on of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People with a touch of pride, “She fits this honor perfectly! (my opinion)!”  We agree.