Casey Lehman

Casey Lehman

Casey Lehman • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Casey Lehman.


This guy, Casey Lehman, is something special. Casey isn’t your typical police officer. While he does love his career, he is more than a guy who wears a badge.

From April until October, you can find Casey on the soccer fields dedicating his time to Concord Adult Soccer and Concord Youth Soccer. Aside from being president of the CAS/CYS Board, he can be seen coaching, organizing, refereeing, and working on general maintenance of the fields. Whatever needs to be done, he will do. This year Casey created an adult soccer league for those looking to get outside, exercise, enjoy the fresh air and meet other people.

During the school year, Casey uses his lunch hour once a week to visit the Elkhart Christian Academy Elementary school lunch room. He helps open juice boxes, grabs straws and spoons for kids that need them, hands out napkins and cleans up an occasional food spill. All the time, Casey is talking and joking with the students, creating a rapport between the kids and law enforcement. The kids get to know the person who wears the uniform.

By taking a lunch duty spot, Casey also helps teachers at ECA spend their time focusing on other needs. It also gives them a few extra minutes to eat their lunch too.

Casey has dedicated his life to making the community he lives in a better and safer place He put his life on the line without pause.

Casey is responsible, honorable and fair, but at the same time, he can be… um, errrrrrr … His friends have said, “goofy.” Casey is always trying to put a smile on the faces of those around him. Most of all, he is kind and caring. He can be both silly and serious at the right times.

Casey’s initiative and drive are fueled by his integrity and desire to do what is right. His honorable characteristics are matched by his intelligence. His sense of duty is balanced by his sense of humor. He understands that a Vibrant Person knows how to work hard and have fun.