Charlene Flowers

Charlene Flowers

Charlene Flowers • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for Tuesday is Charlene Flowers


For Charlene Flowers, kids with special needs are special indeed. She has taught special education in Elkhart County for over 25 years. It is a calling and she is impassioned about bringing out the best in her students. Charlene is also a wee bit possessive. “They are my kids,” she says happily as she fesses up.

Charlene relishes helping her students do well. She has great respect for their efforts and is proud of what her young pupils are able to accomplish. She believes that each success is worth celebrating. It may not be fireworks and fanfare, but a smile and a “well done” from Charlene makes a difference.

Charlene and her husband, Monte live in Nappanee on a small farm. They have three sons. One lives on the east coast; the other is on the west coast. Their youngest is wrapping up his senior year of high school and will soon be off to college.

Charlene’s friends will say she has a love of life and appreciates all hers has brought her.
She smiles easily and exudes energy.

Some may tell you that you have to be tough to be a special education teacher. No worries. Charlene is as undaunted about being in the classroom as she is running a marathon. She knows it’s one step at a time. Based on her tenure in the classroom, one thing is clear: Charlene can go the distance.