Chris Ullery

Chris Ullery

Chris Ullery • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Chris Ullery!!


While Chris Ullery was working as an employment specialist, she felt moved to help people with disabilities. She embraced that idea and ran with it. Chris started Saving Grace Advocacy to provide immediate assistance to those who need it.

Chris expanded the program while she was studying for a master’s degree in social work. In a rather unusual twist, she served as an intern at the very program she founded. This was made possible with the mentoring and support of Pastor Tom Defries.

Saving Grace has done things like provide transportation, help pay rent and utilities and help buy food, clothing, and medicine. With Chris taking the lead, the organization looks at bigger and broader issues that may be physical, emotional, spiritual as well as financial.

Chris told us about a man who came to her for help. He was struggling to pay a bill he owed. As she talked with the man, Chris realized that he was very likely suffering from depression. Together, they got the help he needed. Things are not perfect, but the man is doing much better.

It is this kind of broader thinking that makes Saving Grace Advocacy so worthwhile. The program and all that they do is respected and appreciated.

In nominating Chris, Andrew Strycker tells us, Chris “is very generous, kind and energetic.” He goes on to tell us, “She is awesome and is making our community awesome!”

As you probably know, we like “awesome.” We like it a lot. That’s why we are pleased to recognize Chris as one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People.