Cierra Clements

Cierra Clements

Cierra Clements • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for Friday is Cierra Clements


Okay, all you junior high school kids, you are probably going to be jealous. After all, what eighth-grader-to-be would not be super excited to have a professionally done makeover of her bedroom?

That’s exactly what is happening for Cierra Clements of Middlebury this weekend. Cierra is an adorable girl with a big smile. She is the daughter of Sy and Michelle Clements and she is special. Mom spends time caring for Cierra at home and Dad works Elkhart Plastics.

Dad also gets to feed Cierra’s need for speed. Rides on the dirt bike and dune buggy are Father-Daughter treats.

Michelle tells us that Cierra “is pretty much a miracle.” She has had issues since she was born, but the kid is a fighter. When she was just an infant, Cierra was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. That led to a stroke and other problems. She has already had brain surgery.

Michelle says Cierra “wasn’t supposed to ever breathe, eat or walk on her own.” Although she is pretty much confined to a wheelchair and needs help, Cierra is now able to do all three things.

This weekend, Cierra will have her bedroom redone by a group called My Happy Place. Started in 2012 and based in Iowa, My Happy Place does room makeovers for kids who are sick or disabled. So far, they have done 55 children’s rooms, each in a unique way.

My Happy Place is looking to expand its network of affiliates. They heard about Cierra through the Children’s Center at Memorial Hospital. She is a perfect fit. After all, any eighth-grade girl who likes vibrant colors and Katy Perry probably thinks a room makeover will be totally awesome.

Lisa Tan, Founder of My Happy Place, tells us that she loves to decorate and help children. She also relishes the smiles the parents have when they see how happy their children are after they get to see their new room.

We are certain there will be lots of smiles this Sunday. That’s when Cierra will get to see her new happy place.

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