Cybil Stillson

Cybil Stillson

Cybil Stillson • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Look for two Vibrant People today.

Continuing our celebration of women from Nappanee, we present Cybil Stillson!

Hey Nappanee! We think we found your future mayor!

You don’t need to worry, Mayor Jenkins, Cybil Stillson has a few more years before she is ready for office. Cybil is only a freshman at Northwood, but she has a lot going for her. She is an artist, an athlete and all around great kid.

Cybil is observant, articulate and insightful. She has opinions and she will share them. When answering a question, she is thoughtful but not hesitant to respond. She is also quick to laugh and will happily add to the moment.

If you wander through downtown Nappanee this summer, you will see the public art exhibit of “Junkyard Dogs.” It is a collection of canine critters made out of everyday materials that have been recovered and repurposed.

Cybil’s piece is called “Bridget” in honor of the poodle her mom and aunt had when they were kids. Cybil says she had visualized the sculpture as she and her dad were rummaging through the junk. She calls it “whimsical” and describes how she pieced together a stool and some pans and some other stuff. The extra touch on the sculpture is Bridget’s wagging tail. It is interesting what you can do with a soup ladle and a spring.

Cybil is the daughter of Jeff and Angie Stillson. She tells us she gets her artistic leanings from her dad. She adds that her mother would likely agree. We’re not touching that.

Cybil is on the town’s Arts Council. She believes art “can connect people of all ages.” Cybil likes being able to offer a youthful perspective and add to the appeal of art in the community.

At school, Cybil plays softball in the spring and is on the golf team in fall. She is always doing something, somewhere, and seems to enjoy it all.

Cybil tells us she “likes Nappanee’s small, tight-knit community.” She gives a nod to the town’s parks and appreciates how “people pitch in to get more done.”

We would not be surprised to someday see Cybil Stillson perched in the Mayor’s chair in Nappanee. She’d get our vote, just not yet.