Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia Murphy • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for Monday is Cynthia Murphy!!!


Cynthia Murphy was at college in Bloomington when she had the chance to experience something much different than her hometown of Nappanee. “Why not go to Peru?” she thought. And so, she did as part of IU’s overseas study program.

Cynthia lived with a family in Lima. There she immersed herself in the language and culture. She developed a passion for both and each has been a big part of her life ever since.
Upon returning to the States, she finished her undergraduate work at Goshen College and got her B.A. in Social Work.

Cynthia is presently serving as a Recruitment/Retention Counselor for Indiana University South Bend. There, she works with students, families and the community to increase the number of Latinx students at the school. She is also an advisor to the Latino Student Union. Cynthia has been at IUSB for 15 years.

Cynthia a broad range of interests including those related to women and children and immigration. She gets excited when her passions and profession intersect. With all that is happening locally, nationally and globally there is plenty of things to hold her attention.

Cynthia has a cheerful smile and makes those around her feel welcome and ease. She volunteers at schools and libraries, reading in both Spanish and English.

Cynthia thinks of her students as family and they feel the same. She is also a mother with two daughters, Chelsey and Megan. She has two grandkids, Liam and Claire.