Daragh Deegan

Daragh Deegan

Daragh Deegan • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Daragh Deegan is one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People!!! Come see him at Envirofest.


According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart of an adult human is made up 73% water. If you know Daragh Deegan, you have to wonder if that’s all. Daragh is the area’s aquatic biologist and he is all about the waterways in Elkhart County.

Daragh is always willing to teach children and adults about the quality of our rivers and lakes. He not only has an immense amount of knowledge about them and the life within them, but he strives to share that information with the public. In addition to his work, he volunteers and spends nights and weekends at events and programs to educate the community.

Daragh knows his stuff and he is committed to promoting the conservation Elkhart County’s waterways. You can find him this weekend at Elkhart’s Envirofest.

Even when he is not working, Daragh can be found in, on, or right nearby the water. Fishing and kayaking are two hobbies. He also hikes and hunts. He and his family are happy doing about anything outdoors.

If you listen to Daragh speak, you may be able to detect a wee bit of an Irish accent. That is where he was born and spent his childhood. He moved to Goshen with his family when he was a teen.

Daragh and his wife, Sarah live in Goshen with their two sons, Ciaran and Cillian.