David Dufour

David Dufour


Many of those of us in Elkhart County appreciate David Dufour, the Executive Director of the Elkhart Civic Theatre and all that he does.  No one more so than his daughter, Demaree Dufour Noneman.  Her nomination of David is full of love and admiration. Here it is, word for word:

“My dad is not only the executive director of Elkhart Civic Theatre, he has been a volunteer, cheerleader, doer, and teacher for the organization since the 60’s. He has played a significant role in keeping the arts flourishing in our community and continues to push every day for bigger and better things for ECT, the community it serves, and Elkhart County as a whole. I don’t know anyone else who so totally loves Elkhart—her history, her future, and most especially her people.

He is motivated, creative, funny, and tireless in the pursuit of his organizational goals.

What makes him so special to ECT and the arts in Elkhart County is not just his love of the community but his passion, knowledge, and dedication to the arts. He is and incredibly talented actor and director and has spent decades sharing that knowledge with others.

He’s also a wonderful dad and grandpa!”

Demaree, we could not have said that any better.