Deb Kinsey

Deb Kinsey

Deb Kinsey • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Deb Kinsey is today’s Vibrant person!

“This is a great community. It really is. I love Elkhart.” This is how Deb Kinsey starts the conversation with us. Deb is originally from Muncie, Indiana. She moved here with her husband, Al when his company transferred them. They are now deeply entrenched in Elkhart.

Deb and Al have been foster parents to over 80 children. They now have 12 they call their own. There are currently three teenagers and a 22-year old living in the Kinsey house, along with two dogs and a cat.

When the kids were younger and there was a whole lot of them living with the Kinsey’s, they purchased a well-used motor home. Al put his mechanical talents to work and the family was able to put even more miles on it. That included a couple of family trips to Florida. The thing served its purpose. It could keep the family together even when on the road. “That’s how we did our traveling,” Deb says.

Along with Al, Deb is a Pastor a New Life Community Church on Main Street in Elkhart. Counseling others is a big part of what Deb does and she is good at it. Marie Thomason, a member of the congregation, says about Deb, “She never looks down at people or speaks ill of anyone even if they have done her wrong.”

Like the best counselors, Deb listens effectively. She works hard to understand not only the words that are being said but the feelings behind them. For many, talking with a counselor is an emotional experience. Deb has a knack for getting a smile from others, even when they have a face full of tears.

Deb has another very useful talent. According to Marie, Deb has a knack giving out “great hugs” at just the right time. That is a true sign that this special lady has found her calling.