Deb Krawiec

Deb Krawiec

Deb Krawiec • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person for Thursday is Deb Krawiec!!!


“It looked really cool and I wanted to be part of it. I walked in and signed up.” So says Deb Krawiec about how she got involved in the Food Pantry of Church Community Services. She has since become an integral part of this vital service. On Thursday’s she posts a story on social media about a touching moment that has involved guests at the Pantry. She wants us to remember that those who come there are very real people.

Volunteering is a big part of Deb’s life. She told us her parent often contributed. their time and talent to worthy projects or programs. “I grew up with it,” she says. In addition to contributing time to the Food Pantry, Deb is involved in the mentoring program at Monger school. Like her parents, Deb has been a good role model. Her adult children give of their time as well.

Deb’s husband passed away in 2016. She honored him by donating his Toyota Supra to the Cancer Society. She also set up a memorial gift box at Church Community Services. Over $1,600 was donated. Speaking for CCS, Michael Downing told us, “We have never seen such an unselfish act and we are humbled by such a sacrifice.

In addition to her kindness, Deb has a delightful sense of humor. Her social media features some of the all-time great memes. A couple of the cat-related ones are classic.

When we told Deb she was being profiled, we asked for a picture. She claimed she didn’t have a suitable one. She ran outside and asked one of her neighbors to take a photograph of her. She was concerned that she did not have her shoes on. We told Deb not to worry. No one will notice.