Delia Grajeda

Delia Grajeda

Delia Grajeda • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Delia Grajeda is today’s Vibrant person!

“Oh, wow! This is amazing,” she shouts into the phone when she is told she is one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People. “Woo Hoo!” Then, you realize that Delia Grajeda is trying to talk while navigating the streets of Chicago during rush hour traffic. It is probably not a good time to do an interview.

You call back the next day. She is on her way to DeliaMar Mega Shop, the store she recently opened on Franklin Street in Elkhart. She has business on her mind and, once again, your timing isn’t so good.

You figure face-to-face will be better. On the third day, you enter the store, catch sight of Delia and try and pirate her away to ask a few questions. But first, you must meet her husband Martin Marroquin, her employees, and her customers. She sits you down on one of the couches for that are for sale and she says, “Let’s talk.” Make no doubt about it – Delia is a talker and a good one. While you are asking your questions, she is making suggestions to customers, answering the phone, solving problems and trying to explain what makes her go go go.

And it is then you start to get it. You realize that this strong woman with a huge heart feeds off all this energy. She does things for people. It’s because it is who she is. It is what she does. And she needs to do it. Delia needs it because it helps build the connections and nurture the relationships that make her so effective.

Delia is emphatic when she states: “I love my country. I love my community. And I love my customers.” That conviction is powerful and Delia has shown it time and time again. She is involved in local government, sits on various boards and promotes other businesses and events. Her network is both far-reaching and tightly knit.

If organizations need help collecting food and supplies to aid those who have suffered natural disasters in Mexico and Puerto Rice, they call Delia. The police need help finding someone? Get Delia on the phone. A family has not seen a missing teen in months? Ask Delia to track him down. Delia serves as a vital link between the local Hispanic community and those who want to connect with it.

Delia is willing and able to get her ideas across. She understands what it takes and is experienced dealing with print, broadcast and social media. “I am not shy,” she says with a wide smile. “I am positive, willing to communicate and make myself available.” She does what she does because it is the right thing to do. She says in no uncertain terms, “It is my passion to help others.”

Delia is an enthusiastic booster of this place that is home. She will work tirelessly to cultivate a community where all can learn about and appreciate what others can offer. She is grateful that she has this ability.

As she is hanging up from that first, brief phone call, Delia tells you, “Thank you. You have made my day special.” When the call ends you think to yourself: “How many thousands of times has she made someone else’s day special?”